Monday, 16 December 2013

Make Your Own Paper Chrysanthemum

Add a Floral Flourish to your Festive Offerings this Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us, so I thought I would provide a little tutorial, giving you all the tools and instructions you need to make your own Christmas Chrysanthemum!

You can simply use the flower as a festive decoration, or add it as a stylish embellishment to a special present. Alternatively, why not make several of them to use as unique place settings; just write your guests’ names on the leaves of the flowers and place on your festive table or dinner party set up.

You Will Need:


                            Step 1:  Cut out all the pieces from the template                             

          Step 2:  Use your scissors to curl the petals of each of the 6 flower pieces.          

Step 3.  Snip small incisions around the edges of all 3 circular pieces, then bend the snipped edges up to form 3 cup-shapes.
                   Step 4.  Use your scissors to curl the edges of the leaf slightly                    
Step 5.  Use a small dot of glue to attach each set of petals together, stacking them from largest to smallest; the top sets of petals should be placed so as to fill the gaps between the lower sets.
Step 6.  Use a small dot of glue to attach the circular pieces together, stacking from largest to smallest.
Step 7. Use a small dot of glue to attach the stacked circular pieces to the centre of the stacked petals.
Step 8.  If you would like a more tightly-closed effect, cup the flower in your hand and gently squeeze the petals together.
          Step 9.  Use a dot of glue to attach the leaf to the underside of the flower.         
                                                       All Done!                                                            

N.B. The pdf template is for personal use only, thanks guys!

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